Safeguarding & Empowering Families with Food Allergies

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Our Mission

As a mom of two kids with food allergies, my passion centers on empowering families living with food allergies.  I am advocate, blogger, designer, researcher, entrepreneur, and an author.  I wear many hats, but my favorite is mom.  

My Products

I've designed fun & stylish safeguards that stemmed from my desire to protect my kids.  It's a humble feeling to know that many families from cities to suburbs to tiny, remote islands have safeguarded their kids with my products.  I welcome your stories and invite you to be part of the Allergy Kids Central family.

Our Shop

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Here's a heartfelt testimonial from a mom: " Thank you very much for making these! I am sure that you know the  hardships of allergies with kids, and toddler allergies and asthma bring  on another set of issues, especially with family members and daycare. I  really appreciate what you do!!!   ~Coretta T.                                            

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